Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Handling the Intertestamental Period in the Biblical Story

One of the relatively unique features of The Drama of Scripture is the fact that it devotes an entire chapter to the intertestamental period. Reading this made me wonder how to best treat this 400 year "gap" in the biblical storyline as presented in Scripture. What elements are necessary to mention in order to help people recognize that nearly 400 years of history and hope transpire between the last chapter of Malachi and the first one of Matthew? And how does one do this succinctly and yet competently?

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Anonymous said...

I dont understand why it matters?

if there's a problem with the 400 year gap, why not a problem with the 430 year gap of slavery before Moses, or the 40 years that lapse in Exodus 2-3 that we dont hear about until Acts 7, or Paul's time in Damascus that we dont hear about until Galatians 1?