Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Seminary for Free!

Grace Theological Seminary (where I teach) has recently announced its first ever Presidential Scholarship Competition. This scholarship provides full tuition as well as a monthly housing allowance for three years for those pursuing the M.Div., making it worth a total of $58,800! This scholarship will be granted to one incoming student beginning Fall 2007. Other scholarships (one-time, not annual) are available as well: 3 Trustees scholarships worth $2,000 each; 3 Faculty scholarships worth $1,000 each; 3 Achievement Scholarships worth $500 each. These scholarships are being offered in connection with our Glimpse of Grace event on March 23-24. This scholarship may be just the opportunity that you have been waiting for!

For further information, please follow the links above, email our Seminary Recruitment director Ryan Egli (eglirn@grace.edu), or call him (574-372-5100 x6435).

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DJP said...

Almost makes me wish I didn't already have my MDiv!