Saturday, December 20, 2008

All Things are Better in Koine

For those of you who love both geek and Greek humor, this is a must see video. You will want to watch a few times over to catch all of the humor. And even if you do not know Greek, I think you can still appreciate some of the humor.

HT: Jim Hamilton


John said...

so funny...I really liked his comment about textual criticism.

Anonymous said...

I agree that this should preface every first class of the semester. I also think that you should memorize the words so that you can sing along with it. :)
Thanks for sharing it with me, and for being such a stellar Greek prof. I think God's led you to your gifting, and you definitely use it for His glory!!

danny2 said...


they weren't serious?

Gary McDuda said...

L’Eggo my Eggo! What a hoot! Thanks Matt!

Anonymous said...

this video is by Derek North and Nick Casucci at Biola University