Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Manuscript of Apologetics Talk Now Posted

This past weekend I spoke at the No Doubt Apologetics Conference in Indianpolis. They have now posted my detailed notes from the session, and should be posting audio and video in the near future. You can download the notes here.

Although I do deal very briefly with textual criticism, the majority of the presentation was on how we got our New Testament canon. You will plenty of resources for further study in the footnotes of the document as well. You are welcome to leave any feedback in the comments here.

CORRECTION: The updated version can now be found at this link.


Patrick said...

Thanks for posting your paper--it will be very useful for us.

Ernest Manges said...

Thanks for this ! A correction: on p. 8, in the paragraph "Conformity to the Rule of Faith," I believe your final sentence omits a "not."

Matt Harmon said...

Thanks for catching this Ernest. You are absolutely right. I will make the correction, and see if I can get the updated version to replace the current version.

Devin Rachel said...

It looks like the link has expired already! Is it merely briefly down as that revision is made? I'm eager to read this.

Matt Harmon said...

Devin Rachel,

Please try the new link at the end of this post.


John Mueller said...

I really appreciated the lecture at the no doubt conference. It was good to see an overview of canon development. Now you have allowed us to read the notes from the lecture. thanks!

Rick Phillips said...


Thanks for the good work on this. Do you mind if I make it available to my congregation and post it on the resources page of our church web site?

Matt Harmon said...


Sure, that's fine. Would you mind just sending me a link when you do that?